Types of Carnival Tickets

Here you will find your ticket for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

We have a wide variety: Grandstands, Front Boxes, VIP Boxes and Allocated Chairs.


The Sambadrome is divided into 12 sectors, starting from sector 2 to 13.

The Grandstands are located on the second level of the stadium, offering panoramic views of the Samba Schools parade.

In sectors 2 to 3, you will have an incredible view of the warm-up and see a bit of the backstage of each school. These sectors allow you to see the start of the parade, and because it is a place at the beginning of the stadium, the interval between schools will be shorter.

In Sectors 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 you will be located in the central part of the stadium, giving you an incredible and complete view of the entire parade. You will see the beginning, middle and end in great detail.

Sector 9 is the only sector of the bleachers with numbered seats, providing more comfort in your experience.

Located next to the drumming area (place where the drumming of each school is directed at the end of each performance) providing a unique and exciting opportunity to hear the samba from close up.

Sectors 10 and 11 , even though they are not the most central locations on the runway, these sectors still provide a wide and excellent view of the parade. Sector 11 is next to sector 9, so it also offers the experience of being close to the percussion, but without the option of an assigned place.

Sectors 12 and 13, are the places at the end at the stadium, thus being the most distant locations and providing a good view of the parade, but not as excellent as the other sectors (6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11). These sectors allow experiencing the final minutes of the parade in which all members of the schools have to arrive before the allotted time.

Please note that only Sector 9 has numbered seats, therefore, all other sectors work on a first-come, first-served basis when it comes to seating.

Transfer to the Sambadrome

The best way to get to the parade in complete comfort and safety is to hire our transportation service to the Sambadrome.

The traffic in Rio de Janeiro changes during the days of revelry, so the ideal is a private service that will take you there.

We have different return times. We offer a transfer back at the end of the performance of each Samba School

Costumes for Carnival

Do you want to take part in the biggest party in the world?

Live the fantastic experience of being part of a Samba School at the Sambadrome. Taking part in the Samba Schools parade will be one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences of your life!

Choose a date:

  • Friday, Feb 9 – Access Group
  • Saturday, Feb 10 – Access Group
  • Sunday, Feb 11- Special Group
  • Monday, Feb 12- Special Group
  • Champions Parade, Feb 17

Samba School Rehearsals | Rio de Janeiro Carnival

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